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Safety and health

Safety and Health

Rooms service
On the day of guest check-out or after a certain length of non-occupancy period, we change bed sheets, blankets, pillow cases, and toiletry. We clean the floor, chairs and tables, doors and windows and door handles. Toilet and sink are also cleaned and flashed. Fresh air is let into the room. Lighting, electric water heater, aircon, telephone set, TV and electrical outlets are cleaned and checked for proper working. Pipe water flow is inspected. Closet and coat handers will also be checked. Refrigerator is no exception.

Building service
Cleaning of floors, lift, walkway, ladder, furniture takes place daily basic. Fire detectors and sprinkler system are checked by the inspection service according to a schedule. We keep portable fire extinguishers on every floor. These extinguishers have their set dates for the inspection and replacement. Fire hydrants and fire hoses are kept properly in working condition. We have fire escape route, emergency lighting operated by stand-by batteries.

Swimming pool is watched by pool attandent at busy hours. Life saving equipment is always available. Floor is kept clean to avoid slippery patches. Water is checked by our pool staff for safety level, and is replaced regularly. Common toilets and changing rooms are cleaned daily.

Fire hose, fire extinguisher, hydrant Automatic emergency lighting

Restaurant and food
Things in the restaurant are paid special attention. Tables, chairs, utensils, stuff and equipemt in the kitchen, food storage places are cleaned properly time by time. We purchase food stuff from the suppliers who maintain high standard of clean-ness and safety.

Traditional massage center, laundry, etc.
Matresses are cleaned daily. Clothes are changed after single use. Laundry equipment, detergents used, water, dryer are regularly inspected.

Maintenance and repair
We have our own maintenance team of mechanics and repair men who check the equipment around the clock. We also keep close contact with our contractors for the scheduled maintenance program and repair of important items in the building such as air conditioner, water pipes, lift. In the case of emergency our contractors are able to send their repair team fitted with special tools .

Staff, training and medical aid
Training on safety (such as prevention of work related injuries) and health including the proper use of equipment are given to all new staff. All our permanent staff are covered under the government social welfare programme.

Staff are also trained to take care of the safety of our guests while they are in our hotel. First aid and some common medicines are kept in the hotel. First aid training are given to watch keepers. If necessary we can call our doctor. We can contact hospitals to send embulance.

Safety on Bangkok streets
Bangkok is malaria-free. However please do not drink the tap water. Bottled water is available everywhere. If possible avoid eating at the street food stalls, especially in the very crowded and heavy traffic areas or near a construction site, since the foods there may be contaminated with particles from car exhaust gas, construction sites, human wastes, etc.

Bangkok is one of the safe cities in the world, however with the some usual precautions. If you are travelling alone, particularly if you are a lady, be extra-aware later at night in less populated areas. Do not accept drinks or food from strangers in unusual circumstances.