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Places around hotel

Foodland Super Market
Fresh food, ready-made food, fruits, vegetable, wares, kitchen utensils, canned foods, alcohol and drinks are available 24 hours daily. If you walk down Sukhumvit Soi 5, you will see Food Land Super Market just before arrival to our hotel.

Gulliver's Restaurant
Restaurant cum pub, open 1100hrs to 0200hrs in the morning. Offers western foods and various drinks. Good place to sit and watch night life going on. it is located opposite our hotel, across the street.

Nana Entertainment Plaza
Famous entertainment spot on Sukhumvit road Soi 4, located across Sukhumvit road (southern side) just a block away from the hotel. Open 1900hrs to 0200hrs in the morning. Many pubs, bars and restaurants.

Pat Pong
This well known night-life spot is located between Silom and Surawong Road, which can be reached easily by sky train. Full of bars and beer bars, as well as exciting Thai boxing show and many shops.

Little Siam
Located at the entrance of Soi 5, on Sukhumvit road. Collection of shops selling wood curvings, silk, accessories, weaved cloths and clothes, lacquer ware, paintings. They open 1000hrs till 2300hrs.

Tony Roma's Restaurant
Looking from Sukhumvit road it is on the left side at the corner of Sukhumvit road and Soi 5. Western food such as ribs grill, salad, seafood, soups, sandwiches, burgers and so on.

Beverage, coffee and tea, cakes and snacks. Located close to Tony Roma's restaurant.

Golf Club
There are several golf courses located in and around Bangkok. They include Thana City Golf Club, Panya Ram Indra Golf Club, Lake Wood Country Club, and Green Valley Country Club. Golf playing is a popular sport and leisure activities in Thailand, and you can enjoy all year round.

Google street views around our hotel

Dress maker, convenient stores
Dress makers, convenient stores

Mini mart, food stalls
Mini marts, food stalls


In front of Fortuna hotel
In front of our hotel

Sukhumvit road at Soi 5
Sukhumvit road at Soi 5